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Top right and below: Ads target toward glass artisans. Center: Cover and page one of product brochure distributed to architects.


Bendheim, America’s largest resource for specialty glass, employed CGA to create marketing communications that would consolidate Bendheim’s leading position in its traditional market (where buyers are glass artisans) and increase its share of the growing market for architectural glass (where buyers are architects).

To accomplish the first goal, we conceived and executed an advertising campaign targeted toward glass artisans. Since this audience already associated Bendheim glass with quality, the four ads in this series focus on other aspects that make buying from Bendheim a rewarding experience: selection, pricing, delivery and, above all, Bendheim’s service-oriented people. The campaign transformed the featured staff into sought-after celebrities in the glass art world.

To achieve the second goal, we created a product brochure targeted toward commercial architects, many of whom were not familiar with Bendheim or even with the architectural possibilities of glass. The brochure builds the market for architectural glass by showing how it enhances an architect’s creativity. It positions Bendheim as the essential source for this multifaceted material.