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Case Statements

While offering a wide range of marketing communication services, CGA also specializes in a unique niche: creating communications that support capital and endowment campaigns. We can brand your campaign, motivate campaign leaders, write and design the prospectus and case statement, and create donor recognition publications.

Case Statements

Views of the case statement CGA created for the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR).

Branding the Campaign
By branding the campaign — naming it, crafting its key messages and designing its graphic identity — we distinguish the campaign from business-as-usual and ensure that its significance will be communicated boldly and consistently.

Motivating Campaign Leaders
Our Building the Case for Support Workshop provides a forum for volunteer and staff campaign leaders to formulate key messages and share enthusiasm and concerns, encourages big thinking and bold speaking about the institution, and galvanizes commitment to the campaign’s success.

The Prospectus
A prospectus — a preliminary statement of objectives developed by CGA for use during the campaign’s silent phase — builds internal consensus about the campaign, informs fundraisers about the objectives and solicits leadership gifts from donors close to the institution.

The Case Statement
A case statement — a publication (or set of publications) written and designed for distribution during the campaign’s public phase — weaves together evocative story-telling, sophisticated design and captivating images to inspire a wide range of major donors to support the campaign.

Donor Recognition Publications
To maintain momentum and recognize donors during multi-year campaigns, we produce such communications as campaign newsletters, wrap-up reports, special event materials and web pages.